Completed project “Every child. It`s important!”

Six-month project “Every child. It’s important!” was completed in the first half of October.

Within the project we conducted field research with the parents of children from the migrant and domicile population in order to understand their attitudes about children`s education Serbia and presence of migrant children in our schools. Parents are our first teachers, we adopt a system of values ​​and hierarchically set priorities, and that’s why we asked them.

The results we get correspond to the conditions and climate in our society. In principle, parents from the domicile population are tolerant and accept diversity, believe that third-country children should attend schools in Serbia and support the socializing of their children with them. On the other hand, these are in most cases socially desirable answers that do not correspond to a realistic picture in practice. We can not say that the attitude towards the migrant population is hostile and aggressive, but it is far from open and cordial. Parents of the migrant population, however, are not a big support to their children regarding education in Serbia. The main preoccupation is to leave Serbia and reach some of the countries of Western Europe that are their preferred destination and are not aware that every day the child goes out of school is an imminent loss. Also, they want their children to integrate, but the idea is that children from the domicile population should make the first step. Common to parents from both populations is that their children should be accepted by others, but not that their child is necessarily the one to be accept someone who is different in any way.

Based on the results, and in working with the psychologist and practitioners on the field, we made Recommendations for treatment intended for the reception centers and schools, in order to improve the conditions for easier adaptation of migrant children to the education system of the Republic of Serbia in favor of the quality of all children regardless of religious, ethnic or any other affiliation.

In Pirot, we promoted the right of every child to education in the city square within Children’s Week, whereby we officially completed the project.
We will continue to expand this story because they are all our children and because every child in this world is important.

The project was implemented within the project “Building Together – Monitoring and Public Advocacy in Local Communities” funded by the European Union and implemented by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, ATINA – Citizens’ Associations for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and all forms of gender-based violence and Macedonian associations of lawyers.

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